Question about the firmware

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Question about the firmware

Post by DannyCrane » Thu Feb 15, 2018 10:20 pm

I built my Mk2 around Feb 2016, and used the most up to date information at the time to set it up.

Since then, I replaced the hotend with an E3D V6, because I had a lot of smoke come out of the stock hotend from the heater block. I remember reading that the stock heater resistor ( or what ever it was) could kill itself if it was not completely airtight, and I thought that was what happened.

I also replaced the stock extruder with an E3D Titan, because I wanted to print flexible filament, and had no luck with the stock extruder. I remember having to go into the firmware and adjusting the extruder settings because the Titan uses a gear to push the filament. I just modified the firmware I had saved on my computer to do that.

My printer is printing pretty good right now, but not perfect. I was wondering if I should update the firmware on my machine> I'm not exactly sure what version I have installed on it right now, but I figure there is an updated version out there. Would there be any benefit to updating it and re-calibrating it? I guess what I'm asking, is are there any updates to the firmware that would benefit me, or would it just be a lot of work with no gain?

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Re: Question about the firmware

Post by geneb » Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:11 pm

There's really no update that would warrant the hassle of doing a firmware update.

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