LCD Display Replacement Cable Orientation

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LCD Display Replacement Cable Orientation

Post by bruceg » Thu Dec 28, 2017 6:54 pm

A little while ago the display on my 2014 vintage V2 started to exhibit some odd behavior, flashing on and off and beeping multiple times when the SD card was removed and occasionally displaying a solid set of white blocks on one or more lines on power up. Eventually lost display on the bottom two lines.

I replaced the original "genuine" RepRapDiscount Smart Controller assembly with a Big Tree Tech version which i was able to obtain in short order from

For those not aware, there are two different orientations of the cable connector headers on the various RepRapDiscount Smart Controller versions and vintages. I vaguely recall reading a thread somewhere that suggested that the original design had an error on the header shroud silkscreen outline which, after a few years, was corrected. But i am of an age were the mists of time and the recent past are equally opaque so take that with a healthy dose of salt. In any event, i had to invert (i.e. rotate 180 deg) the orientation of each of the cables at the RAMBo to Smart Controller Adapter end. This is easy to do as the header shrouds are conveniently absent from the adapter board...

Original RepRapDiscount vs BigTree-Tech Cable Orientation.jpg

Adapter Orientation.jpg

BigTree-Tech Cable Orientation.jpg

So if logistics or economics preclude you from obtaining a replacement from SeeMeCNC and your shiny new display does not work, particularly if there is just a slow ticking sound from the buzzer, try flipping your cables before you flip your lid. The system seems quite tolerant of the various cable misconnection permutations, which is a good thing for some of us.

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