Firmware upgrade 91 to 92.2 couple issues and questions

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Firmware upgrade 91 to 92.2 couple issues and questions

Post by clytle374 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 6:00 pm

So about a year ago I upgraded to the e3d v6 after the stock hotend burnt up on me. I finally decided to print some higher temp stuff. And realized I must have missed changing the max temp. So I'm planning on doing the dual extruder soon anyway, so I decided to update the firmware.

After an initial issue with being stupid, I set the printer type from 1 to 2, cleared the eeprom and reloaded the software. First off matter control said the eeprom was empty, I repeated the above steps. Had the eeprom come back with some crazy numbers. Cleared and started again. Also go a few errors about a accelerometer send i2c error, being that I don't have one... Makes sense, lol. Found something here about that and setting FEATURE_Z_PROBE 0. I have hotend type set to 1 and the following says that it should already be FEATURE_Z_PROBE 0

Code: Select all

if HOTEND == 3

Do I just ignore this?

Next issue I think is matter control running inside virtual box, reading the eeprom gives stupid results. Sometimes the charters are transposed ect.... I never use it for anything other than setting z height anyway. but I'm sure it's probably not safe to edit the PID numbers with it acting buggy.... So I'll put them in config.h and reload.

Here are a couple of the things that are bothering me.

Old X and Y max length 350, new 250
Old Z max length 290 now 350
So is this just the firmware is now figuring something different?

Things like PID drive max being set down to 180 and used to be 105.
Can this be turned back up?

Is there a way to edit the eeprom without mattercontrol? If not I'll edit the values in config.h and reload. I've fought matter control in Linux before and just use slic3r now.


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