Artifacts on high prints

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Artifacts on high prints

Post by Bahrt » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:55 pm

Hello SeeMeCNC forum,

I have known my Rostock V2 for two and a half years and I must say it has been a great relationship.

One thing though – I have never been able to do satisfying ‘high’ (above ~150 mm) prints without experiencing artifacts on the print surface. When the reflector reaches a certain height something starts to go wrong – please take a look at these pics: []

Printing material pictured is PETG and I have the same challenge using PLA. I have done every tweak I can think of in Simplify3D.

I have worked with different stock hotend nozzle sizes, triple checked (and some more) the extruder capability and other moving mechanics. I have narrowed my troubleshooting down to the use of filament from different vendors… Maybe the different filament coiling characteristics are behaving differently through the extruder and/or the Bowden tube. At the moment I feel a little like giving up and I am really hoping for redemption from some of your guys…

Please notice that this printer always makes beautiful prints as long as it operates with fairly low prints…

Any remark from you will be highly appreciated
Artifacts (16).JPG
Artifacts (15).JPG
Artifacts (14).JPG
Artifacts (1).JPG

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Re: Artifacts on high prints

Post by lordbinky » Tue Oct 10, 2017 5:55 pm

Is your printer covered ? I had similar issues that occurred when the print got a certain distance away from the bed. It was great related, but I ended up testing by covering with a trash bag or cardboard stabilize temperature.

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Re: Artifacts on high prints

Post by DeltaCon » Wed Oct 11, 2017 5:31 am

With the printer turned off, slide each of the carriages slowly up and down the towers. Can you feel some irregularities in how smooth they slide perhaps? To me this looks like something you can't prevent through slicer settings. Is more like a physical problem. The tube and cabling maybe hits something at a certain height that changes the stress it pulls on the hotend? Just guessing though...
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