Selling my heated cabinet

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Selling my heated cabinet

Post by Stevolution » Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:26 pm

Not sure if this is the right place to put this? It is Max V2 related!

Don't ever use my Max V2 now, so the cabinet is just sitting there unused.

It is madly over-engineered.

It has a pair of plug-in heated panels that heat the cabinet very well.
The top half of the cabinet is separate to the base cupboard for ease of moving it. The top lifts off so that you can install your V2.
RGB LEDs up each internal corner.

Now inside is a wealth of complicated Arduino stuff that run the small TFT screen on the front, and the LEDS etc. The 2560p Arduino also runs the heater elements using a temp sensor inside the cabinet.

It never really worked 100% correctly, and I never bothered to fix it as the cabinet heats up, and that is all you really need.
I used to just set the leds to white.

The RGB leds were configured to change colour as the temp changed, but I turned that feature off.

There is also a weighing feature, as the top of my Max V2 has a custom spool holder that incorporates a load cell. Gives me a reading of the remaining spool weight.

But.... unless you want my now defunked Max V2, then that feature would not work.

Best bet? Buy it as a base cabinet and fill it with your own controls. The front control panel comes out easy enough.
There is a central ducted fan that keeps the base of the V2 cool when in use.

Instructions are attached, but inside my V2 is another processor that works with the Mega2560p... so its not just drop your Max V2 in and go.
Also, the RGB driver board is inside my V2.

I think the best option is I strip it out, leave the heaters and RGB leds and you retro-fit the empty case as you see fit to your spec.

Hmm... anyone? Cost a pile of pennies and time to make, but no idea what it is worth.
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Re: Selling my heated cabinet

Post by Stevolution » Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:08 pm

Too late

Stripped the Max V2 for its parts to make a CNC (I have a far more reliable 3d printers now).
Stripped out the cabinet and burnt it.

Bye bye rubbish Max V2 :roll:

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Re: Selling my heated cabinet

Post by geneb » Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:21 am

Considering the thousands of well working v2s there are out there, maybe the printer isn't the failure point here. ;)

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