M83 (relative extrusion) - Allow Zeroing of E Distances

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M83 (relative extrusion) - Allow Zeroing of E Distances

Post by wepollock » Tue Mar 20, 2018 2:39 pm

---Just to become more knowledgeable I am crawling through the duet parameter files as a precursor to looking at https://configurator.reprapfirmware.org/

I just confirmed that my slicer (simplify3d) is putting M83 into the print job preamble to enable relative extrusion.
I don't think I need to do anything else? Correct?

One thing I did notice that the slicer did not have as illustrated in the sublimelayers blog post below;
"Allow zeroing of extrusion distances" checked;

I don't think allow zeroing of extrusion distances is needed with M83 on. Is that observation correct?


Slicer Preamble

M106 S255
G4 P500
M106 S0
M140 S60
M190 S60
M104 S200 T0
M109 S200 T0
G28 ; home all
G1 E-3.2000 F500
G1 Z1.115 F1200
; process Process1
; layer 1, Z = 0.315
; tool H0.350 W0.550
; skirt
G1 X62.825 Y-74.675 F9000
G1 Z0.315 F1200
G1 E3.2000 F150
G1 X62.825 Y88.493 E11.4916 F1900

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Re: M83 (relative extrusion) - Allow Zeroing of E Distances

Post by dc42 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 4:45 pm

Correct, zeroing of extrusion distance only applies when you use absolute extruder coordinates.

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