Time to Replace the ATX type Power Supply???

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Time to Replace the ATX type Power Supply???

Post by bruceg » Fri May 19, 2017 10:40 pm

After much fussing with slicer settings and seemingly endless print attempts, came to the conclusion that one should no longer live in denial of the flickering lights as the heaters hit their setpoints, ever prolonging bed heating times, loss of hotend temp with the slightest puff from the part fans, not to mention the 11.6 input voltage level at no load, and accept that the filament starvation problems that would appear after the first 40 minutes or so from a cold start in the morning

Progressive Filament Starvation.jpg

were probably less likely associated with my ineptitude (usually the best place to start) in attempting to get PETG to go through a 0.3mm nozzle and possibly due to the glaring symptoms of a fading power supply. Scraped together the money for a 400W TPLE-12400N LED Driver power supply and...

ATX to Industrial.jpg


Looking at the tool paths, the starvation problems appeared to have originated at the start of a new layer. Interestingly, the extruder motor seems to now run much cooler (subjectively to the touch).

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