Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer

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Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printer

Post by Eric » Fri Jul 22, 2016 4:54 pm

I grabbed one of these a couple weeks ago, after reading the Hackaday articles. $199 isn't that much money, and my order was delivered it 22 hours after I ordered (their shipping center is about 100 miles from me) which is very good.
And a couple other places: (28 min video review)

I pretty much agree with everything the original hackaday article says, so read that link at least, and look at the teardown pictures. I've yet to do any of the mods suggested in the 2nd article, so mine is totally stock at this time. I've paired it with an old Gateway XP laptop as a host ($25 at a yard sale a few years back...nothing wrong with it other than the battery only holds a 15-min charge), and except for the cat sample file on the mini-sd card, I've been printing exclusively via the usb connection. So far I've used a dozens of meters of white PLA and gotten excellent results. It really is a solid little printer right out of the box. The print surface seems to be like masking tape, and so far it's holding up...I just use the plastic scraper to smooth it out after pulling a print off. I'll probably try blue painters tape when it's time to replace it. I've also got Kapton handy.

The only things I've printed for the printer itself are bowden clips and a bracket for the spare Promethus V1 hotend I have, so I'll be ready to swap the hotend someday.

So the gotcha's I've run into are pretty minor.
1) The USB driver you need is provided on the mini-SD card, and the minimal documentation doesn't mention that. It's up to you to get that file to your computer. I didn't have a mini-SD to USB solution handy, so I ended up sticking it in a tablet and emailing it to myself.
2) The pause function works quite well, moving the head off to the side until it's time to resume. When you use it there's no instant feedback, yet still it remembers how many times you pressed it. Which means I had to go through 4 pause-resume cycles before I got back to actually printing.

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