Orion/E3d v5 and taulman alloy 910

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Orion/E3d v5 and taulman alloy 910

Post by Tinker12 » Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:00 pm

Hi, i am trying to print with taulman alloy 910 with an e3d v5 hotend, the thermistor is a EPCOS B57560G104F

I can't seem to be able to set the extruder temp above 247 C either from the sd card gcode or external PC host,

although it goes above and below that while trying to hold the 247 temp. Another thread on this forum said they
got better results with alloy 910 at 260 C than the manufacture spec of 245 C, so i was trying to set it at 255 C.

i modified the configuration.h file line so max temp is now 260 instead of 240 C.

have I missed something?

also i hear popping and cracking noise as the extruder prints is that due to moisture in the filament
or to low a temp?


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Re: Orion/E3d v5 and taulman alloy 910

Post by RocketMagnet » Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:41 pm

I know in repetier host under config/printer settings/extruder you can set a maximum temp.. but the stock setting is 250 and presumably that's simply for the repetier UI
yet if its controlling the printer the max temp within repetier this value could override your gcode? not sure but worth a look.
You could try changing this value to 260 and using repetier host in manual mode to see if you can increase it > 250 just from the slider value (just tried it and it does rescale the slider).

Cracking and popping is generally surface moisture/contamination or potentially poor quality filament with air or moisture inclusions. I store my ABS in air tight tubs with indicating silica gel to prevent the surface moisture part.

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Re: Orion/E3d v5 and taulman alloy 910

Post by Nylocke » Thu Sep 24, 2015 3:52 pm

You'll need to change 2 values. One is max temp for the firmware and the other is max temp for the interface. I don't remember wether either is in EEPROM, but I know you can search in "configuration.h" for max and you should be able to find what you're looking for. Just set it to 290 or so. You may have to change a safety value as well, I think the older version of the firmware you're probably running has the safety ceiling temp too (it's to tell if the Thermistor is defecting, if it's over that value then something is wrong (thermistor is disconnected, heaters are stuck on, etc))

Bubbling is probably from moisture. The PA/Nylons that Taulman sells are pretty hygroscopic, even 910 and Bridge. Try getting your other issue solved before taking too many steps to dry it though, best to only change one variable at a time. Don't just press all of the buttons and hope for magic.

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