My Rocstock MAX V2 with HE280 and custom enclosure

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My Rocstock MAX V2 with HE280 and custom enclosure

Post by TruckerGeek » Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:16 pm


This is my SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX V2.

I upgraded the extruder to the HE280.

I created a custom enclosure. I took 4" PVC pipes, cut out about one third of the material lengthwise and strapped it to the outside of the printer behind each of the three axis (to prevent the enclosure from interfering with the cheapskates as they go up and down each axis. I got a 3'x5' rug from a local store and attached it to the PVC pipes using spring clamps. I cut an opening for the display.  I just use clamps to hold the enclosure shut during printing. I have a heater at the top that I can hang down in front of the enclosure to warm it up on a cold Michigan morning.

I added an LED lamp to the inside top of the printer. It has a goose neck that I simply slipped into the enclosure to keep it up at the top.

I also added a webcam to the inside that is connected to a Raspberry Pi running OctoPrint.

Between my customizations and a lot that I have learned (trial and error, as well as research here and other sites), I am now able to get much more reliable printers. I can also tell just by the first layer whether or not a print is likely to succeed or not.
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Re: My Rocstock MAX V2 with HE280 and custom enclosure

Post by crocky » Sun Jan 01, 2017 7:24 am

Top marks for engineering there, I like it :)
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