couple things to share about my v2

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couple things to share about my v2

Post by MadSc1 » Sun Aug 25, 2019 1:56 am

Its an awesome printer. Its badass. Its good at printing things. Its awesome.
I watch youtube to learn stuff and >> I am soooo happy I got my printer.
So many problems they have, yikes... I feel bad sometimes.

The most exemplary reason I got a delta is just purely the concept of how a lead screw works...
They will always have dead space. The compromise is between friction and manufacturing tolerances. In other words > it is NOT an easy feat to make a system which uses lead screws to have near zero dead space.

The other reason I went for it is that I got to build it myself. That has nothing to do with me needing to build everything, but more to do with me needing to repair everything.... Knowing that I was going to be building the whole thing totally takes account for me needing to take it apart when I got it. =YES
It costing 1k was just right, caz thats all I had. AND taking a glance at all the parts it seemed like a good compromise between part cost and tipping the human for his contribution in making such a contraption. It wasn't too much. Not too little. As weird as it sounds, I have found that when humans receive too much, it tends to make quality suffer. Like an inflated value... why not just make the part astronomically expensive... ya that bolt, made from moon rocks. that will be 10,000USD please. Much thought went into that moon bolt.

Plus the fact that we have to build "the thing" also means that there is kinda an expectation that the customers have a level of intelligence. That is important that company time and assets do not go into unneeded places. like customer service >> Oh thats how a screwdriver works ? <<
I can remember the part when you have to square the supports to the bed. I was thinking to myself > most people have never built anything which needed to be square !! my first encounter was making speaker boxes and furniture... its surprising how a 64th of an inch will make dam near 1/8" or 1/4" when its 2 feet away.(exaggerating ya, its butter that way:)

Which brings me to my 2nd to last thing to share >> seemecnc, please do not make your printers more accessible to people people of lesser capacity. More money might be tempting , but engineers need good tools at the right price. We may not number in the billions, but we do exist. I'm not saying I see any slack anywhere, but I guess I look over at my v2 and its just so TANK. Its awesome... keep it that way !! I wish others will get the same experience. I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume that when someone(company) makes a tool which is built to last, well,,,,, what does one do when a family only needs one crescent wrench ? ... forever ... It gets handed down generation to generation... Do the tool makers make bad tools so they need to sell more.. naaa .. they make new tools :) well at least the standup tool makers.

Next year I will work on a floating extruder and an all liquid hot end :) When its figured out, I will have a way to give back :)

Last thing to share :
I feel like its nearing time for me to share/give back to the community... So, soon I'm going to figure out how to get some of the stuff i've made into the hands of other people .... for example:
I made a calculator which is for that magnet motor thing... Its sorta a calculator. Well, I call it a calculator :) its a contraption with adjustable timing and adjustable levels... basically one can make as many layers as needed in as many timings as needed. does it work ?? ,, hahahaaaa lol ,,, its good at explaining how *that paradigm* is exactly linear and will not produce more than input-ed ... Regardless of configuration ... We all dream, but reality will always be real. Its very silly to go about life purely speculating. My advice is to stop talking about things , and DO THEM. Get it done. Go build stuff.
Another one which I will share is:
electromagnetic coil winder. computer controlled. = its cool
Another worth mentioning is:
A way to eliminate stringing. The interesting part about the way I finally got this to work(back pressure seal) , is that it presents new paradigms.. It makes me wonder if E3D knows about this... caz it works really well, but there are challenges which need to be addressed. Its not a gimme. Like, changing the way one changes wire. However, It completely removes the need for retraction.

Thats all I'm typing today.

Just want to say Thank You to SeeMeCNC , You have helped me on my journey :)


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