A way to output some information to files?

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A way to output some information to files?

Post by redoverred » Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:53 am

I have a webcam set up for my printer and the software I use to stream the cam (locally, not for public use) can take data from certain files and put them on the screen as an overlay. I'd like to put some information, such as bed and extruder temperature, time to finish or layer/total layers, or various other things thing might be interesting on the screen. Is there a way to set up Repetier or another external program to poll this information and write it to a file?

For example, I want to see bed and extruder temperature and layer number, so I set it up to print the line "Bed: 89.8C - Extruder: 224.7C - Layer: 25/285" to a file called "{printerinfo}.txt" or something like that.

Additionally, is there a way to control the software via the web?

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Re: A way to output some information to files?

Post by RocketMagnet » Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:42 pm

A simple solution to Web control would be something like PCAnywhere but you'll need a good connection.

Just thinking out loud but the printer is already polling this info to REpetier so perhaps there is someway to set up the Serial Monitor in the arduino software?
I tried it but it seems it can only talk to one thing at once, which makes sense it being a serial connection but worth a go. So with this in mind it will probably have to find a way for repetier to output this data as unless someone can correct me I don't think you'll be able to set up any other software to simultaneously grab the data?. Repetier is certainly storing the data while its up (data for temp curve) but I can't see where at.. perhaps its just in RAM or temp as no obvious log files in the working dir.

There is a section under Config>Preferences>Log Session.. which is all coms with the printer.. but it looks like it's only saved at the end and is probably aimed at debugging... have you asked on the Repetier forum?

So yeah sorry not much help but for remote control something like PCAnywhere will give you full remote access to your pc/web cam etc.

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