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Cura convert here

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2016 7:59 pm
by tcat007
Just ran a couple parts with Cura (been using Slic3r), both stand alone, save gcode run through MatterControl.
Part 1: Test blocks, three 10mm dia cylinder and a 10mm cube, no supports.
Slic3r: Cube ended up 10.25x10.24x10.15 (28 minutes)
Cura: Cube ended up 10.03x10.02x10.01 (17 minutes)
Similar result with cylinders. Cura is much more accurate.
Part 2: Fairly complex mount for some bearings (small BB-8 internals)
Slic3r: gcode: 60mb, est run 6 hrs, 50g material (not going to run this)
Cura: gcode: 15mb, est run 1.25 hrs, 15g material, MC bumped hours up to 1.8), took 1.3 hrs.

Main difference is Cura handles supports much more efficiently. I thought I had similar settings, but obviously Slic3r uses much more material for support.
I'll post an stl at Thingiverse in a bit once I clean the part up and make sure it works. Thing here:

Re: Cura convert here

Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2016 8:01 am
by Jimustanguitar
Yeah, between matterslice, slic3r, KISS, Cura, and S3D, you'll find that they each do things a little differently.

Cura is my goto slice, but I do use the other ones for various things from time to time.