Surface Density of top layers

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Surface Density of top layers

Post by RJLynn67 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 9:32 am

So I am just now printing my first part with Cura and I noticed something that looked odd in the preview but decided to go with it anyway. It seems from the preview that the top surface would not be as dense as I am used to seeing in the Slic3r preview.


But due to time constraints I ran with it anyway. Now that I am in deep into printing the part I can see that tops layers are indeed solid but to me they do they do not looks as nice as the Slic3r. Now this could just be until I get the part off because it is just a different pattern.

Now I will say I am liking everything about Cura so far including the Print Time and Support structure.

Is there any differences in using Cura as stand alone vs in Repetier Host?

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