Extruder motor on E1 instead E0

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Extruder motor on E1 instead E0

Post by iKeyborg » Mon Oct 03, 2016 6:00 pm

Hello all,

Which parameter in Rambo firmware configuration will change active extruder motor port from E0 to E1? without other changes?
(If it is possible).

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Re: Extruder motor on E1 instead E0

Post by Eric » Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:26 pm

Look in "pins.h". Search for "301" to find the Rambo section:

Code: Select all

#if MOTHERBOARD == 301
* RAMBo Pin Assignments

scroll down to find

Code: Select all

#define E0_STEP_PIN    34
#define E0_DIR_PIN     43
#define E0_ENABLE_PIN  26
#define E0_MS1_PIN     65
#define E0_MS2_PIN     66

#define E1_STEP_PIN    33
#define E1_DIR_PIN     42
#define E1_ENABLE_PIN  25
#define E1_MS1_PIN     63
#define E1_MS2_PIN     64

Change the labels to swap E0 and E1. Add a comment to remind yourself.

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// E0 and E1 swapped!
#define E1_STEP_PIN    34
#define E1_DIR_PIN     43
#define E1_ENABLE_PIN  26
#define E1_MS1_PIN     65
#define E1_MS2_PIN     66

#define E0_STEP_PIN    33
#define E0_DIR_PIN     42
#define E0_ENABLE_PIN  25
#define E0_MS1_PIN     63
#define E0_MS2_PIN     64

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