Marlin+LCD with RostockMax (v1)

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Marlin+LCD with RostockMax (v1)

Post by uwes » Sat Jul 12, 2014 6:29 pm


i was looking into adapting Marlin for the RostockMax especially to benefit from the autolevel capabilities. Attached is a patch on top of

what works:

- steppers/direction
- rambo board
- smart-lcd
- ext0 fan configured to heater-pin0

what needs more analysis:

- G28/endstop handling (i dont think its right yet)
- rotary encoder seems to move inconsistently (various number of clicks to move between menu items)

special notes:

- important is follow step#2 otherwise the LCD will not work

the patch should also work of other branches of marlin. hope you find this useful as starting point to make the rmax running marlin as alternative to repetier. I'll update once the first prints are successful...

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