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Teaching teachers!

Post by geneb » Sat Aug 29, 2015 12:08 pm

From the what-i-did-this-summer-dept:

I was invited by a local school district to teach a number of instructors across a few different districts on how to build and use their new Rostock MAX v2 printers!

I had an amazing time and learned that teaching teachers is kind of like herding cats. :)

I got great feedback on the build manual and everyone had a good time. Here's some photos from the two build workshops (June & August) that I "herded".

I have no idea what on earth Loctite was thinking, but putting blue threadlocker in a red tube has probably got to be the dumbest thing they've done yet:

All of the teachers in both workshops are "CTE" or Career & Technical Education teachers. They teach a wide range of things including robotics, CAD, electronics and other "technical" subjects. Unlike "gen-ed" or General Education teachers, most of these folks come from the industry that they're now teaching kids about.

Here's some random shots from the first workshop as they build their machines:

This is Nyla's first kit and she's doing a great job!

That's John on the left and the base of his machine is shown in the middle.

Ian is running a bit behind... :)

Wayne is ahead of most of the others. I suspect he's built kits before. :)

Here's Cliff (on the left) with his machine. He had a minion, so he's WAY ahead....

This is Ian's first try at soldering...or so it appeared. :) My beloved Hakko earned its keep that day...

Cliff and his minion are on a roll! Note the huge roll of Kapton. :)

More progress!


It wasn't all sunshine though... Mistakes. Were. Made.

Yes. That's a bowden tube you see cut in half. There was apparently some confusion about what I meant by "small PTFE" tubing. :D Fortunately, I had a spare at home....

Whole lot'a buildin, goin on!

Nyla does the belt tip...

Matt adjusting his carriages...

It's alive!

A very annoyed Wayne...

The machine just wasn't playing nice. No matter what we tried, one of the axes would only go up, not down! It turns out that someone at Ultimachine had missed soldering one of the pins on the stepper motor connector on the RAMBo. This was discovered right before a replacement RAMBo was due to be shipped. Once the solder was applied, it worked perfectly!

Why put the machine on the floor when you can stand on the table? :)

John nearly finished his machine before the end of the last day...

The workshop was only given three days, and that wasn't enough to get the machines finished. Only one builder (Cliff) was able to get his machine finished to the point of getting to the calibration step. Wayne was hot on his heels, but got tripped up by a stepper motor connector that didn't have solder on one of its pins. I wish I had the presence of mind to gather them all at the end of the day for a group photo. :(

These fine folks were from the Bethel, Orting, Puyallup and Ft. Steilacoom school districts.

Later on this evening I'll post photos from the second workshop that was held Aug. 24-26.

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