Reduce warping curl in ABS prints?

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Reduce warping curl in ABS prints?

Post by jasco13 » Sat Oct 13, 2012 7:01 pm

So I just got my HBP installed so I can finally start playing with ABS. This is what I'm getting.
The bottom cm has some curl warp to it and then the rest of the print looks good. How do I combat the curl/warp. I'm printing on glass and I've tried both ABS juice and unscented aquanet hairspray to prime the glass. Both work very well at getting the center of the object to stick (I can't remove it until it cools), but the corners are still curling which is causing the hourglass shape at the start of my prints.

Bed temp was 80 and hotend was 230. I'm going to raise the bed temp closer to 100 and see what that gets me. Will slowing down the print help at all. It seems weird to me that I am not getting distortion/warping across the entire height of the print.

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Re: Reduce warping curl in ABS prints?

Post by michaellatif » Sat Oct 13, 2012 7:57 pm

First crank your bed temp up, I run mine around 110C. Second, are you using a cooling fan at all or maybe a breeze is going across the bed?
I find that if the print is cooled unevenly or unexpectedly, the hour glass shape happens.

I have gotten past most warping problems with ABS by raising the HBP, using ABS juice and controlling air flow around the print area by housing the printer in a 'box' (overkill but works well).
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Re: Reduce warping curl in ABS prints?

Post by gjadams » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:37 am

Is that still happening for you?

I had prints that looked like that when my bed was too hot around 110-115c. Once I started using ABS glue and lowered the bed to 85c the warping went away. It's the heat coming from the bed up through the print. Double check that your bed is actually 80 and the thermistor has not moved or come dislodged away from the surface. Have a laser thermometer?

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