RESOLVED: Z probe issues after recalibration

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RESOLVED: Z probe issues after recalibration

Postby H0bb3z » Sun Sep 30, 2018 3:14 pm

I'm a bit of a noobie at 3D printing, but I just completed a RMax v3.2 kit. All wiring looks like all is working, bed heating works, individual stepper control works as advertised. I ran the First Probe macro and it appeared to complete just fine, but as I was attempting to finish the calibration (the paper trick), I'm starting to see issues with the Z axis stepper.

As I recalibrate, I'm consistently getting "Warning: Z probe readings not consistent" and then "Error: Z probe was not triggered during probe move" - this results in an "Error: Compensation or calibration cancelled due to probing errors"

I've reset things to default and rerun the First Probe again. Now it appears to hit the Y axis upright when running a bed calibration. I've been looking at some of the common errors in the forum posts and I've checked belt tightness, connections, etc. but I'm still having the Z probe issue.

Edit: the X axis stepper appears to be impacted when the Y upright is hit -- the bearing housing gets stuck lower on the axis after impact, so that when the printing head centers again, it is offset a bit due to the X axis being lower than the other axes. At the end, all axes home correctly though.

Any insight where I might focus my efforts here?

RESOLUTION: I opened a support ticket to see if they could give me some options and they suggested the reset include deletion of two key files in the /sys folder: config-override.g and heightmap.csv. Do this after selecting "Load Factory Defaults" on the General tab of the Duet Wifi Settings. (NOTE: you can delete the files in the System Editor tab by selecting them, then right-clicking and choosing delete).

After I did this, then reran the First Probe macro, it corrected the issue. Also, I didn't know that if you run any probes after bed mapping, it effectively cancels out the bed mapping.

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Re: RESOLVED: Z probe issues after recalibration

Postby rootboy » Fri Oct 26, 2018 10:19 pm

Good to hear! I noticed that if I didn't home my printer between calibration attempts, it would do the same thing. Something to keep in mind.

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Re: RESOLVED: Z probe issues after recalibration

Postby jadedsecurity » Sun Nov 11, 2018 1:50 pm

Having the same issue.. Checked belts, wiring etc.. It keeps hitting Y axis no matter what I do.

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Re: RESOLVED: Z probe issues after recalibration

Postby geneb » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:31 am

Have you contacted support?

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