Orion Prints not coming out square

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Orion Prints not coming out square

Postby RoveAndWander » Wed May 30, 2018 3:01 pm

Good Afternoon!

Have an interesting problem cropping up for me here. I've spent the last few days digging around the internet, and I haven't found anyone with quite the same problem I'm facing.

When printing, things that should print square, like a Calibration cube, are not doing so. I'm seeing angles that are NOT 90 at corners, and a strange outward bow on all the sides.

However my Eris, right next to it prints very square
You can also see the sloppy infill I'm getting from my Orion in this shot.

Here is a pic of two Eris cubes side by side to show how square they are

Here are two from the Orion in the same positioning
Notice how they are farther apart at the ends!

I was trying to print some puzzle pieces when I first noticed the problem. All of the green pieces are from my Eris, using the exact same STL, all of the Blue are from my Orion:
This what I'm trying to print.. courtesy of my Eris

This is what the Orion is giving me, using the exact same SLT

Here is another shot of the infill... better here, but still not great...

This is the first layer put down. Even the first squares looked turned from one another.

More details in following response

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Re: Orion Prints not coming out square

Postby RoveAndWander » Wed May 30, 2018 3:33 pm

I have updated Firmware, and gotten the latest software I could for it.
I have attempted to calibrate it myself, and I have also run gCode G29 to calibrate it (That usually works better than what I can do by hand)

Here are a few pictures of the settings I am running currently:



Retraction.PNG (29.47 KiB) Viewed 126 times



I am using Matter Slice as my slice engine, mostly because it allows me to alter a few more options with infill. Using a pretty standard PLA for the printer.

I am currently printing a large, flat hexagon to measure distance to towers (I'm not sure that will help anything, but I assume if it is not equidistant from all points, that it could lead me to discovering an issue) and I can also measure to see if all the sides are the same length/parallel with one another.

It seems like all of my belts are nice and snug, and everything else that moves SEEMS to be in good condition and moving well. I'm not sure in all cases, but on brief inspection, it looks good.

I am also suspicious that my glass might be slightly uneven as well, as when it is putting its first layer down on the glass, there are some spots (small, and possibly in the same area every time) where the filament doesn't quite make it down to the glass... something like quarter sized spots.

I am open to any thoughts or suggestions at this point. Thanks!


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Re: Orion Prints not coming out square

Postby rootboy » Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:04 am

Check your platform for play. Are you using a printed platform? If so, consider replacing it with a machined or injection molded one. My V2 would print out a 100mm calibration block with the center measuring 10mm, the Z end measuring 10.2mm, and the Y end measuring 9.8mm.

Replacing the platform with a new injection molded one took most of that error out of my prints.

The block that I was printing:


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