EZR Struders clicking/bowden connectors move slighly

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EZR Struders clicking/bowden connectors move slighly

Post by SuperJETT » Sun May 27, 2018 10:43 am

I installed 2 new EZR Struders last month on my corexy and have started doing dual extrusion prints.

One thing I've noticed is the aluminum Bowden fittings move slightly in the housings and make a click on every extrusion/retraction.

I see no way to take that slop out and it affects retractions. Also, I run a Duet and Noctua fans so my printer is extremely quiet so this noise is pretty obvious and annoying.

Is this normal? Machining tolerances off just slightly?

(no it's not the PTFE tube slipping in/out, it's the aluminum fitting physically moving in the EZR Struder molded pieces)

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Re: EZR Struders clicking/bowden connectors move slighly

Post by rootboy » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:57 pm

I really don't miss my EZStruder, I yanked mine ages ago.

But in the interests of being helpful, would a dab of epoxy keep it in place? I can't recall if you will ever need to pull that apart to work on it, if not then glue it in and forget it.

But I would upgrade to a better extruder. I'm testing out a couple of cheap knock-offs to try to get better extrusion with flexible filament, but if they don't work I'll upgrade to a Bondtech.

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