PS_ON relay

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PS_ON relay

Post by DeltaCon » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:38 am

I received this set in the mail last week:

and started building it into the base of my RMaxV2. May main goal was to be able to shut down after a print, and to create protection against fire. It all fits without problems, next to the bed SSR, 24V PSU and 12V stepdown ;-) But while I am busy with it, I am thinking if this is the right approach. The idea is to hold the pushbutton a few seconds, until the PS_ON signal is up an closes the SSR so you can let go of the button. It is also possible, I think, to power the duet (0.6) through the USB connector, and have the possibility to power ON through the GUI as well as OFF. I would have a "main" switch as well to power down the electronics (and open the SSR as well).

What is wise, what would you do?

I am also planning to put one or two NC temp fuses in series on the PS_ON chain, so if one fails the machine stops. I think a 150C fuse would suffice to prevent hazardous temps to start a fire. One against the bed and one on the PSU housing, but the PSU probably is already heat-protected, have to check that.
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