My initial spin on tower bracing and squaring.

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My initial spin on tower bracing and squaring.

Post by Flateric » Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:14 am

Here is what I have come up with thus far for tower braces and squaring to help KEEP them square and make the machine less prone to needing re-alignment after being bumped/moved.

I still believe that the top will require a similar treatment for the full affect. But I am happy with the results so far and accuracy does seem to be showing some improvement.



Here is a vase printed at 1.5 scale and at a layer height of 0.1. Vase was printed at above normal speeds. Entire print took approx, 2.5 hours. Not bad at all considering the resolution and the final results. I usually see some artifacting and "ringing" in the corners when pushing a print hard, especially at that resolution. Generally 0.10 res prints do not like being pushed for speed as well.

Material is black seeme PLA.

0.10 layer height, great accuracy between layers.
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Re: My initial spin on tower bracing and squaring.

Post by Eaglezsoar » Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:10 am

What a tease, show them and shut up? Hey Eric we need more, like are those braces made out of steel?
Do you move your machine alot thus requiring that type of brace?
Oh, by the way, nice vase!

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Re: My initial spin on tower bracing and squaring.

Post by neurascenic » Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:18 am

Me likes!
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