E3D V6 with SeeMeCNC Accel Board Alignment

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E3D V6 with SeeMeCNC Accel Board Alignment

Post by JaseGill » Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:07 pm

Hi All,
Had all sorts of issues with a HE280 clooged hot end on my V2.

So I decided to go back to my E3D V6, on a 713Maker mount with the lock ring that is compatible with the SeeMeCNC Accelerator board. Every time I calibrate it seems to drag on the build glass and build ridges that make the head 'wobble'.
So I wondered about the alignment of the head and the accelerometer. In the HE280 build it says the accelerometer and the heathed end need to be aligned. Is that still true on the E3D V6? I did this and there was no change in behaviour. Also does the connector have to be at a certain alignment on the arms too (the HE280 was always t the 4:30 maybe 5 o'clock position?

Also with the Accelerometer on the 713Maker mount you now can't get to the Bowden Tube should you need to remove the tube. Does everyone have to remove the accelerometer to get the bowden tube out? Seems a strange way to do it.

Sorry for the dumb questions. Hope someone else has upgraded same as I have and has some hints, maybe some pictures to show where I am going wrong?

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