Kossel 2020 troubleshooting questions

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Kossel 2020 troubleshooting questions

Post by denistran » Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:28 am

Hi guys,
I'm nearly done building my Kossel 2020 but it seems there are a few items that are not functioning the way I expect them to.

x and y move 10mm when we see 10mm on the LCD screen
z moves 65mm instead of 2mm as shown on the LCD screen
Why is the z axis moving 32.5x more than it should? is the stepper motor defective?
I see that if I go in control-->motion--> zstep is 2500steps/mm and x and y are 85steps/mm

2- what position is the carriage supposed to be at when set to 0mm?

3- the limit switches and the z-probe don't stop the motors. When I do autohome, the carriage goes all the way to the limit switch, hits it and keeps hitting until it runs out of motion. It does not stop the stepper motors! I do see the red LED light up when I press on the limit switch, but nothing is stopped.

4- The same goes for the z-probe, the probe gets close to the board, the light is on, but it lights up brighter when the probe gets close to the bed, but again, the stepper motors are still going.

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Re: Kossel 2020 troubleshooting questions

Post by teoman » Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:00 am

Looks like you have a firmware configuration issue.

Almost like you have installed the firmware (arduino code) for a cartesian machine.
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Re: Kossel 2020 troubleshooting questions

Post by Eric » Thu Sep 03, 2015 11:51 am

1 - What teoman said. Although you can quickly eliminate the motor as the cause by swapping it with X or Y and observing the behavior stays with the Z port.

2 - Until you have endstops working and the machine is able to home, no place in particular unless you set it manually.

3 - Prossibly also a config error. Endstops may not be enabled in the firmware you have loaded. Alternately, you may not have them plugged into the inputs that the firmware expects.

4 - Ditto.

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