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Hello from Maryland

Post by Infringer » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:15 pm

Well here goes my Newb post.

Hi My name is Infringer and I have a patience problem that I need to work on, I decided that 3D printing would help my need for Instant gratification.

After many years of wanting a 3D printer and playing with my Dad’s a few times I decided that it was time to take the plunge. I bought an Artemis ARP printer and it arrived on Monday. I had it set up in a couple of hours and ready to run the first calibration I got my first taste of that instant gratification denial. It seems the Z probe was not recognized. I went through the directions half a dozen times and went over the wiring another half a dozen times. Then buzzed the form here and though I did not have an answer to the problem I had an insight from another post about Z probes and the connector the directions said to tuck into the wire management as it was not used. Yea that connector was indeed the Z probe sensor and once I had connected it to the board I was off to the races and my printer would go through the calibration with flying colors.

On to Tuesday, I did the test print of the Benchy and of course it came out pretty rough in spots and perfect in others.


After I printed that I started on the calibration print from Thingaverse for Delta printers. That’s when my second step in the 12 step denial of instant gratification came in. It got through about half of the first layer and then no more filament was extruded. Humm... I unload the filament which didn’t. I then took the Boden tube off and clipped off a little ball of filament on the end of the strand and then went and tryied to load it again. Of course this was also NO Bueno... I called it a night at this point and decided to start again in the morning.

So the Morning came and I looked down in the fitting for the Bowden tube on the hot end and there was a green blob.


Now some of you may have figured out my issue by now, but me being a newb I have no clue so at this point and it is time to phone a friend. We text back and forth a few times and he says due to the type of jam it sounds like my hotend fan might not be running. sure enough I check an its not running when the hotend came up to temp. I do some digging around and looking at the directions some more on the SeeMeCNC web site and read it three more times and low and behold I have the layer fan and the hotend fan bass ackwards. So I undo the covers that I had so helpfully put in place after my successful first calibration, and sure enough there’s your problem newb...

So I run the calibration print again and I am good to go and happily extruding out the Delta printer calibration print.

Call me fat dumb and happy at this point. My shiny newb button is now firmly affixed on my lapel. Time to do the math on the calibration print... And while that is running maybe a new Benchy...

This one is much better but still has an issue but that will have to wait for my first post in the Artemis sub forum...


Till then its time for some Happy Extruding and not quite Instant Gratification with my shiny new Artemis printer.

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