New with used extended V2

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New with used extended V2

Post by kerog » Tue May 23, 2017 11:36 am


I recently bought a used extended Rostock Max v2. It has Repetier 0.92.2 firmware on it, but I don't have the configuration.h that was loaded. The seller said that it had an E3D V6 installed, and the E3D nozzles I bought certainly seem to work with it, but the Heat Sink is painted white like the HE280, so I'm wondering a bit about that. I downloaded the latest firmware, from SeemeCNC, but it doesn't appear to be an exact match for my configuration. So I loaded up Repetier Host and looked at the EEPROM settings (screenshot attached), figuring I could pull off the proper configuration.h settings from that. Can anyone tell me if that's a reasonable approach? The names of the parameters in the EEPROM and in the configuration.h don't appear to be an exact match, so if anyone could tell me what the items in the screenshot correspond to in the configuration.h file I'd really appreciate it.

Also, I got several days of good printing out of it without issue, but now the extrusion appears to be skipping sometimes, like there's not enough tension on the filament. I looked at the EZstruder but couldn't see any mechanism for adjusting the tension. Am I missing something?

Next, I was wondering about the LCD panel. Looks like the menus are pretty severely lacking: no way to move the hot end except Z adjust! No way to extrude without a USB connection! Is there an upgraded firmware set out there with better LCD control?

Is there a way to upgrade/add autoleveling while keeping the E3D? I'm planning on installing a Chimera...


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Dale Eason
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Re: New with used extended V2

Post by Dale Eason » Tue May 23, 2017 11:58 pm

I can't answer all your questions but No there is no firmware for this printer that have LCD commands for movement other than those you already found. Yes you have to have a USB attached device to move them.

Painted white heat sink? My HE280 is not painted and I have not seen any that are. They are bear aluminum.

The downloaded firmware needs the config.h file modified. Not the EEPROM settings. Changing them will not be the right approach. Look thru the forum in the V2 or v2 to v3 upgrade messages there are several with the exact settings to the config. The v2 to v3 upgrade messages will still be good for your machine even though it does not have the accelerometer.

Auto leveling requires an accelerometer board when using the standard firmware. You would need to find a way to attach that to the E3D. Maybe some have done that I don't know.


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