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Hello from Wisco

Post by WiscoMudder » Wed May 17, 2017 11:21 am

Hello there from the greater Oshkosh Wi area.

Me: Mechanical / Aeronautical Design Engineer for a small kit aircraft manufacturer. aka Sonex Aircraft.
I do a lot of 3d Solid modeling at work and at home. I fell in love with 3d printers back in 2012 while going to school at FVTC in Appleton Wi. The one
I saw was the size of a normal refrigerator and had a price tag of $20,000. I was in awe. Saw the first kits on Ebay for a prusa i3 bought 1. accidentally flashed the main board. Bought another thinking i could learn from my mistakes. Sadly this was not the case. 2 kits or $700 worth of parts sitting there.... It took me 2 weeks to figure out Marlin and honestly it was super overwhelming. I fixed 1 had some amazing results. built the 2nd and uploaded my custom firmware and had 1 machine at home and 1 at work. So eventually I needed more or bigger or something different. So I got a Rostock Max V3.

I'm happy and want to upgrade one of my others to for 3-5 filament blending.

I absolutely love this and looking forward to building a CNC Router Table and a Laser Engraver Cutter to add to my personal capabilities at home.

Feel free to reach on FB Jason Kmecheck

Lets tackle mega DIY and beyond!

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