stl export crashes printer every time
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stl export crashes printer every time

Post by joseph » Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:33 pm

The documentation for moving a file from AD123D to the printer is pretty hit-or-miss. I'm confused. The default seems to be to launch the Meshmixer and invite a whole bunch of edits. For some reason, the design appears standing on end and resists re-dimensioning or reorienting to fit into the print envelope. Export to printer from MM creates an error message about missing software to "run the printer", exporting to MatterControl makes MC crash when a print is started, and somewhere in this process I am looking for a way to slice the file, but I can't find it. So far nothing but crashes.....PS the printer runs the test files that came from SeeMeCNC.

Is the file management process discussed anywhere?

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Re: stl export crashes printer every time

Post by Jimustanguitar » Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:55 pm

Those are softwares that I'm not familiar with...

Your STL files should be opened in a slicer program before you load GCode to the printer. Try saving the STL file first, opening it with something like MatterControl, slicing the model, and then loading GCode to the printer (or running it from MatterControl).

Does that sound like the process you're going through? Have you tried printing STLs from Repables or Thingiverse?

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