KISSlicer back in dev, new release, quad extruder support!

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KISSlicer back in dev, new release, quad extruder support!

Post by DocHogan » Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:01 pm

Thread link on Kisslicer Refugee Camp Google Group thread

KISSlicer 1.4.x is the pre-release of the upcoming 1.5 version, and features:
  • Multiple-material objects
    • KISSlicer now supports 4 extruders
    • If you have a multi-extruder machine (and a PRO key), you can now (hopefully) print a single object with multiple materials!
    • Selecting multiple files in the [Open] dialog will import them all as a single model
    • sub-meshes in a single STL file will also be recognized
    • clicking on the model tile will bring up the Extruder Mapping Window (do this before slicing!)
    • you can now set an X & Y offset for extruders 2-4.
      • I do not have a multi-head machine, so I can't test this yet!
  • Improved translation support
    • there had been multiple controls where the translation did not get applied
    • there is still more to do here, notably the other windows
  • Some bug fixes
    • various
  • Some new bugs added
    • with multi-material objects, the loops and infill paths sometime don't print in the right order
    • already-sliced objects don't get 'reset' when you change the number of extruders in the machine, or the default model extruder
      • You can work around this by updating the extruder mapping window...even to the same values
    • other unknown bugs...this build is heavily untested, so please go easy on it and me! [8^)[/list]
This post should have the Win32 build attached. I will try to get some other versions out in a while, hopefully after some feedback so I'm not just compiling cross-platform versions of show-stopping bugs. [8^)

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Re: KISSlicer back in dev, new release, quad extruder suppor

Post by Eaglezsoar » Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:50 pm

Thanks for the info, I have downloaded the 64 bit for Windows.
Your messages are certainly appreciated!
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