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Kiss - Surprise

Post by wepollock » Mon May 28, 2018 9:27 am

Simplify 3d was TKO'ed (technically knocked out) by a Microsoft Windows 10 update and I had to scramble to find an "temporary" substitute slicer. I retried slic3r and Cura and was not happy with either which brought me to KISS. Surprise, So far KISS is by far the best slicer, it may permanently knock out Simplify 3d.

1) The print quality is the best I have seen so far (with little or no tuning)
2) The pull down menu's let you easily switch between printers, infills, and support; this is an ideal setup for someone with a selection of printers, materials, or tools. (materials are a sub-menu of printers, if materials were in the top layer menu it would even be better)
3) The "wizards" let you setup a printer quickly... and you can then tune as deeply as you want..
4) The deep level tuning is very accessible (unlike Cura), deeper than Cura and much deeper than Simplify 3d
5) Better support an infill options.

The ONLY aspect that Simplify 3d might be better at is preview-visualization.

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