Help with Kisslicer when compared with Cura

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Help with Kisslicer when compared with Cura

Post by johnknoy » Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:12 pm

I'm using Kisslicer 1.6 beta 2.4 (previously was using Kisslicer 1.5 with the same issues), and have been trying to reduce some pretty serious stringing, as well as clean up some pretty rough prints. I tried opening the same retraction test object in Cura 2.4.0, and the model prints almost flawlessly.
I prefer to work with Kisslicer, and was hoping that someone could help me get the Kisslicer performance to match what Cura is able to do. I'm sure I've just not set something up properly.

The image below shows the results of Cura 2.4.0 on the left, and Kisslicer 1.6 beta 2.4 on the right.

I've attached my kiss slicer settings, the cura profile (renamed to .ini so it will upload), and the STL file I've been working with.

I'd really appreciate any help that you can provide!

(1.08 KiB) Downloaded 5 times
Tuning Part.stl
(13.95 KiB) Downloaded 7 times
Support - sample support.ini
(721 Bytes) Downloaded 6 times
Style - Calibration Cura Copy.ini
(545 Bytes) Downloaded 6 times
Printer - Rostock MAX.ini
(2.64 KiB) Downloaded 10 times
Material - SeeMeCNC Black PLA - Cura Copy.ini
(1.01 KiB) Downloaded 6 times

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