State of the Printer

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State of the Printer

Postby kraegar » Sun Jan 14, 2018 10:00 am

Current status of the RailCore II project:

The RailCore II "core" model is complete and buildable. The BOM, Assembly Guide, and Thingiverse links should contain all the info you need to build your own RailCore II with a 250mm printable volume or 300mm. The ZL option for both, with a BOM & Build instructions are out as well.

In progress projects:

The ability to add optional front doors has been added to the Fusion360 Model, and just needs to be documented.

Enclosing the top is being worked on. This will involve modification to the static idler mounts, so a top can be fitted, fully enclosing the build volume.

A 300x300x600 version is planned.

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