SE300 Hotend Whip Strain Relief and Routing

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SE300 Hotend Whip Strain Relief and Routing

Post by PartDaddy » Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:31 pm

The white two pin plug supplies power to the heater through the connection on the SE300 hotend. The white plug (Phoenix connector) can come apart from too much wiggle caused by print head movement and the bowden tube and wiring connections. The solution is reducing or eliminating any wiggle or movement of the white plug itself.

Two options will solve and prevent possible hotend control feedback errors / failure:

>Option 1:

Existing machine modification. We recommend the bowden tube exits the whip before the hotend connectors in a higher location not close to the hotend. This reduces any head-tilt in the hotend itself as it moves toward limits of travel.



> Option 2:

This whip design has been shipping with all RostockMAX v3.2 and Artemis printers since July. Here is a photo of the final whip arrangement for Artemis with SE300 hotend. (And RostockMAX v3.2). The STL's for the TPU boot are here It has been tested without the shown wire tie (zip tie) and seems to work acceptable because the heater power wiring exits from the bottom of the 10 pos Molex connector TPU boot which isolates the white power connector from movement caused by bowden tube wiggle during printing.

SE300 whip change.jpg

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