Mod: bed clamps' springs

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Mod: bed clamps' springs

Post by adarcher » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:06 pm

Debated about putting this in the Mods section or here, but decided to clutter this section a little more :D

SO, I love using PEI and found my 1mm thicker bed from my modded V2 was the same diameter as the Artemis's bed. But, the bed clips were far too tight to let it in.

I looked under the bed and saw the double-nut bolts holding the climps in place. I thought about it for a second and grabbed some extra extruder springs from a very old mendel printer I had deconstructed a few months ago to make space for the Artemis.

I replaced the upper nut with half of a spring and now my bed climps can hold down the stock bed as well as thicker beds with not much more effort.

Here's a pic of how I jerry-rigged it:

It looks mostly compressed, but it's got more room to squeeze, trust me. I wouldn't have to pre-compress it so much if the cut was cleaner/flatter.

Found a picture of the spring I tried to describe (I cut it in half):
spring.jpg (17.01 KiB) Viewed 384 times

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