FRS tuning

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FRS tuning

Post by adarcher » Mon Jan 08, 2018 12:49 am

Before I take apart the bottom on my new printer to have a look. Is there a resource on setting these up? I see where they are at least, but don't fully understand the design of the use.

I can press on parts of my bed and make it tilt (other end goes up) and it won't set off the LEDs to let me know the zprobe is triggered. I also watch my G32 command and see a lot of errors and the effector tilting into the bed, sometimes giving up completely.

If I loosen up my clamps, wiggle the bed, and just test the trigger all around for a bit, I can get it into a state where the G32 succeeds, but usually not without at least a few warnings.

Some areas are easier to trigger than others. Between Z and X is the worst, and sometimes stays triggered for a quarter second.

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