Help fixing lines on print sides

The new for 2016 Rostock MAX v3!
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Help fixing lines on print sides

Post by ironhide929 » Mon Sep 03, 2018 6:31 pm

I bought my V3 almost a year ago now. I had a bed leveling issue with it from the get go. I just got that fixed and now I'm having an issue with lines on the sides of all my prints. I put a new stainless nozzle in it and that didn't change anything. The ptfe tube is in the whole way. I recalibrated everything I could think of. Has anyone else had this problem or can someone give me some ideas on what to check next?

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Re: Help fixing lines on print sides

Post by djarmag » Thu Nov 01, 2018 10:02 am

start with the basics.
- is your printer stock or modified?
- check belts are not too loose/tight
- are you using the stock carriages or other carriages such as trick laser trucks?
- during prints, are your temps for hotend and/or bed fluctuating?
- what brand filament are you using and at what temp?
- calibrate your extruder (have the ptfe tube out and filament end start at the tip, then extrude 100mm (might have to manually turn hotend on) and measure that the filament measures 100mm.
- what slicer are you using? (if using kisslicer, check if you are set to relative positioning)

my initial thoughts on your print are:
- horizontal banding caused by mechanical issues. Belts too tight put strain on the motor, loose introduces backlash/skipped steps.
- horizontal banding also caused by temp fluctuations. Have you PID tuned hotend and bed? Fluctuations can vary the current and make your motors run slow/fast which can cause the repeated pattern.
- your printing temps are too high for the material. I typically print at 195 with hatchbox and most other brands for PLA.
- insufficient part cooling. that particular model sits in between the most effective range of the stock cooling so maybe you need to either slow your print speed or raise your fan speed.

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Re: Help fixing lines on print sides

Post by frminio » Thu Nov 01, 2018 4:46 pm

Hi ironhide929,

I would also check if all tower's support nut plates are well tightened, as they should.

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