OctoPrint w/ Raspberry Pi Zero?

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OctoPrint w/ Raspberry Pi Zero?

Post by jmargush » Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:49 pm

After building a new printer, I seem to not have enough funds to get big upgrades for my Rostock. I want to add Octoprint capability at the lost cost of 5 dollars (give or take a few bucks). My question is, can the Raspberry Pi Zero be used for this? Can I use Geneb's delta calibration on this setup?

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Re: OctoPrint w/ Raspberry Pi Zero?

Post by geneb » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:45 am

I wish I could answer that, but I don't have a Pi Zero. Sorry!

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Re: OctoPrint w/ Raspberry Pi Zero?

Post by drfuyutsuki » Mon Dec 04, 2017 9:12 am

At first blush I don't see why not. The Zero W, ($10) would be easier as it has wireless on board, and would save you needing a USB hub and wireless dongle.
I don't think you could run Octoprint in desktop mode on it, but standard mode shouldn't be a problem.

The calibration script is a simple gcode input, so the flavor of pi shouldn't really matter.

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