Modification - Cleaning Up Wiring With Conduit

The new for 2016 Rostock MAX v3!
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Modification - Cleaning Up Wiring With Conduit

Post by IGotYourDoughnut » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:57 pm

Good evening fellow plastic squirting geeks!

Have to start out by saying, this is my maiden post here in these waters, so I apologize for any and all rules broken or misplacement of posts! I wanted to share my first mod to my Rostock Max v3.

After rolling through the assembly of this bad boy, I noticed I had some slight rubbing of wires up against the belt bearings at the bottom of the machine. Yeah, I could bend, zip tie, tape, or even hot melt the wires out of the way, but in the interest of doing things the hard way and going entirely too overboard, then utilizing way too many resources, I decided to go almost all balls out. I lengthened my wires, then created a couple brackets in Fusion 360, printed out a couple brackets with my semi-trusty super hacked up Chinesium Prusa i3 by pulling dimensions off of the SolidWorks drawings provided by our fearless SeeMeCNC leaders. Then BAM. Threw a big obnoxious hunk of glory conduit (just the standard 1" diameter stuff I found at the local Ace Hardware) in the brackets and shoved those wires in like a chubby middle school kid trying to sneak back in the house after midnight through the basement window.

That being said. I completely and totally was an irresponsible millennial *gags at the affiliation* and didn't take nearly enough pictures throughout the process of this. So here are some pics, that are exactly what I have posted on Thingiverse, ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDD here is the Thingiverse link.

I will better document my mods from now on! Happy printing!

More mods to come. And trust me. There will be more (Sneak previews in no particular order) -
1) Buttons. I'm lazy so I gotta have em. Looks like there are 3 Pins I can wire too. So time to get crazy. Button 1, Preheat my material punk! Button 2, I have to get home! and Button 3, Full calibration!
2) Changing the PLA, and ABS preheat settings in firmware, then adding more materials in along with it. I think I want preheat settings for TPU, Nylon, and PETG.
3) Bolt on GlueStick Holder? Because who doesn't love gluesticks!
4) Big Cranks for my steppers maybe?

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Re: Modification - Cleaning Up Wiring With Conduit

Post by Mekra » Thu Nov 02, 2017 4:34 pm

Nicely done, I will probably end up doing something like this next time it comes down for service.
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