Delta printers using the Duet WiFi

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Delta printers using the Duet WiFi

Post by dc42 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 5:26 pm

About 40 pre-production Duet WiFi boards have been shipped, and a number of people have been putting them into delta printers. Four of them (including mine) are described at

The pre-order period for the Duet WiFi was due to end by now, but has been extended to 3 August because we have a few boards unallocated from the first production run. With the recent fall in the value of the £, the pre-order price represents even better value than it already did for users outside the UK. Pre-order customers also benefit from lower prices on Duet accessories, such as thermocouple and PT100 daughter boards, PanelDue, and IR height sensors.

Has anyone converted a SeeMeCNC machine to Duet WiFi yet?

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Re: Delta printers using the Duet WiFi

Post by Xenocrates » Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:19 pm

Mike has, in this thread , but it's not a current production model of SeeMeCNC machine.
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Re: Delta printers using the Duet WiFi

Post by Toddimus » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:31 pm

I have a Rostock Max V2 with the new Duet WiFi (white pre-production version). It is awesome!!

I have made a few other mods to the RMV2 like:
*FSRs (custom designed mounts) with the JohnSL board for auto-calibration
*Hall effect end stops
*Aluminum heat spreader
*Upgraded power supply (12V)
*E3D V6 hot end
*LED ring under the effector

It is definitely quieter than with the drivers on the Rambo controller, and seemingly smoother. I'm still tweaking the firmware settings to get things dialed in, but it already works great. It was a bit of a learning curve for me to go from the Rambo with Repetier firmware and Mattercontrol as the printer interface, but I'm really liking the all M&G code settings for everything as opposed to having to modify the .h files and re-compile.

I had been having trouble with stuttering using the Rambo controller and it is completely gone now with the Duet WiFi.

I'm thinking of getting the PanelDue touchscreen (probably 7"), but the web interface is so good that I almost don't need a local control on the printer itself.

Many thanks to dc42 and mhackney for their good write-ups on configuration and auto-calibration!! Once I get things dialed in a bit better, I'll post my config.g, bed.g and homedelta.g files.

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