Rostock Max v2 with mods, good shape

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Rostock Max v2 with mods, good shape

Post by saf » Sun Jun 25, 2017 5:23 pm

I have a printer that needs a new home if anyone is interested.

I will part it out if someone wants to buy several of the mods from it for their printer.

Rostock Max v2
Bondtech Extruder
Trick Laser Carriages, Carbon Fiber Arms, and Effector (screw in version, not ball cup)
Trick Laser aluminum heat spreader
NEMA motor dampers
E3D Hot End (12V)
650W EVGA Power Supply (12V with 5V source too)
Original electronics and LCD
White frame

I'm probably going to pull the vertical beams and just sell the top and bottom for ease of shipping, so it will need some rewiring or soldering and such and you'll need to order 3 beams of the height you want. My hot end has an XT60 connector and the other connections are wired with JST connectors.

It was built with taller beams (12" taller) than the original, so if you shorten it to original height, it will have plenty of wiring.

I can certainly send you the original beams in a separate box, but honestly, the extra height doesn't end up getting used much in print volume and buying shorter beams from another vendor won't cost much extra.

I can cut the wiring in the top section and use some tape to label the wires for easy rewiring.

It's a great printer, I just built a metal framed delta though and don't need this one any more.

Only mod that might be nice to add would be some FSR force sensors for auto-leveling and maybe 32-bit electronics.

The PC Power supply has a 5V source wired for a Raspberry Pi.

I'm not sure what these have been selling for or are worth, so if anyone has an idea for value or wants to make an offer, I'm only looking for market price and a good home for it.

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